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Kurt Gottfried Society

To honor those caring donors who are providing for Union of Concerned Scientists through a planned giving arrangement, we created the Kurt Gottfried Society, named after our co-founder and longtime board member.

(Kurt Gottfried, Ph.D., 1929 – 2022)
A highly accomplished physicist and the epitome of a concerned scientist, Kurt Gottfried was a guiding voice in our pursuit of a healthier planet and a safer world. We are so grateful to Kurt for his lifetime of service and for inspiring and motivating many generations of scientists to become involved, to speak out on issues, and to hold their leaders accountable on topics ranging from nuclear arms control to human rights and scientific integrity.

The Kurt Gottfried Society is made up of a select group of members who, like Kurt, have a long-term vision of independent science informing policy for public good and have informed us of their intention to make a legacy gift to the Union of Concerned Scientists. The lasting contributions of these dedicated supporters are critical to safeguarding and strengthening our organizations’ ability to develop long-term, far-reaching solutions for future generations.

As a member of the Kurt Gottfried  Society, you will receive:


Special Invitations

to participate in informative teleconferences and regional events with senior Union of Concerned Scientists staff members, scientists, and board members


Complimentary copies

of newly released analyses



Semi-annual member newsletter

Following Kurt’s passing in August 2022, UCS will continue to celebrate his legacy by championing science, truth, and evidence for a better world.

“Policy change is not only the result but also the cause of broad cultural changes in values. For me, Union of Concerned Scientists is one of the most effective instruments we have for accomplishing this kind of change.”

Patricia Judd
Union of Concerned Scientists Supporter
Kurt Gottfried Society Member

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