Gifts that Reduce Your Taxes

You may receive tax benefits to enjoy for yourself

You can foster independent, science-based solutions that improve people’s lives. What’s more, you can also enjoy tax benefits from these gifts now, or you can establish a future gift that will pass tax benefits along to your loved ones.

Gift of cash

One of the most common ways to make a gift to the Union of Concerned Scientists is to write a check, make a gift using a credit card, or donate online.

Stocks & Securities

When you give stock or securities (stock, bonds, mutual funds), you may be eligible for a double tax benefit: 1) You receive an income tax deduction for the full, present, fair market value of the assets and 2) you may completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of the assets. This is one of the easiest gifts to give and one of the most useful in accomplishing your philanthropic goals. Learn more about gifts of stocks here.

Retirement assets

A gift of your retirement assets, such as an employee retirement plan, IRA (both qualified charitable distributions made today and beneficiary designations to support our future work), or tax-sheltered annuity, is an excellent way to make a gift. A gift of these assets can shield you or your heirs from taxes while funding the Union of Concerned Scientists. Learn more about making a gift from your IRA here.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a valuable asset for making a charitable gift. You can make a gift of a life insurance policy without diminishing other investments or assets earmarked for family members.

Personal property

A gift of artwork, coins, antiques, or other personal property can be an excellent way to support the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Complimentary Planning Resources

Learn more about easy ways to leave a legacy with our free guides!